CarConnection CCOBD2FLT

On demand GPS Fleet Tracking System

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Product_Audiovox Car Connection CCOBD2FLT 1
Product_Audiovox Car Connection CCOBD2FLT 2
  • Monitor Vehicle systems to protect from vehicle failures and tracks the location all the time
  • Protect with Driver and Vehicle alerts and reports
  • Save with fuel reduction report and Driver Scoring reports
  • Control where it goes and where it is parked
  • 3 Fleet subscription services to choose from
  • Location Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Safety Zones
  • Vehicle Search
  • Vehicle status report
  • Driving hours report
  • Excessive Speed Report
  • Driver scoring report
  • Vehicle health report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Key Event Report
  • Repair cost Report
  • IFTA Tax Report
  • Advanced Reporting for Larger Fleets
  • Customized data reports