Consumer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an electronic device designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tires on vehicles. The system monitors real-time tire-pressure and provides low pressure warnings to the driver.Products are vehicles specific, call us for a personalized quotation.

Systems Starting at $249 including installation.

Product_Steelmate TP-70

Add-on TPMS for any vehicle, cigarette lighter socket wireless display


DIY TPMS with external sensor, easy for installation. The system comes with 4 screw on sensors and a cigarette plug display which shows in real time the current tyre pressures of all 4 tyres in PSI format in a circular scrolling motion. The cigarette plug display also has audible and visual warnings when a tyre pressure drops below or raises above the recommended level.

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Product_Steelmate TPMS-8886

Add-on TPMS for any vehicle, iPhone app integration


Steelmate TPMS8886 is the first and only TPMS made for iPhone and approved by Apple Inc., “Steelmate TPMS” app can be downloaded from Apple store.

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