Consumer Parking Alert Systems

Parking Alert Systems

Parking Alert uses ultrasonic sensors that beep with increasing frequency with nearing solid objects. A display indicates the distance from the solid object. Products are vehicles specific, call us for a personalized quotation.

Systems Starting at $399 including installation.

Product_ReverseGUARD RG20B exteropr

License plate frame 4 sensor system with distance display


The ReverseGUARD is an automotive safety product designed to reduce accidents while backing by providing information to the driver when their vehicle is in reverse. Four sensors built into the ReverseGUARD system use the latest in ultrasonic technology to alert the driver of objects behind the vehicle. When the driver puts the vehicle in reverse, ReverseGUARD is automatically activated.

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Product_American Road RG50B

License plate frame 4 sensor system with color camera and on screen distance display


The ReverseGUARD® Complete Camera system, built into the ReverseGUARD® Chrome Half-Frame, includes 4 ultrasound sensors and a 1/3” CCD sensor NTSC Video System. The camera system can be installed with an optional video monitor or OEM installed navigation system with a specialty interface.

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Product_Audiovox PSB120

Bumper mount (drill-in) 4 sensor systems


The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assitance Systems) product line has helped drivers over the years to avoid collisions, protect property and more importantly, save lives. The PSB120 parking assist system with 4 sensors and dual color LED display is a great compliment to the ADAS product line. This system features 4 sensors and a dual LED display that has 3 stages of audible beeps and 2 stages of visual alerts that provides an additional level of support in alert the driver…

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Product_Audiovox PSD100D

Bumper mount (drill-in) 2 sensor systems with distance display


PSD100D includes multicolor indicator display in addition to audio warnings. Learning capability – this system can learn to ignore vehicle’s mounted objects Waterproof connectors allow replacement of individual sensors at the bumper. System is upgradeable to a 4 sensor system using PSD200/PSD200C 2 sensor add-on kit. Use all 4 black/chrome or a combination of both.

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Product_ReverseGUARD RG404UB

Under bumper mount 4 sensor system – wireless with distance display


The REAR VIEW SAFETY Under Bumper system is designed to incorporate 4 sensors and a wireless visual distance display that can be mounted up to 65’ from the control box, making it a preferred model for larger trucks. Requires 12V power supply.

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