Consumer Forward Collision Lane Departure Warning Systems

Forward Collision Lane Departure Warning Systems

Forward Collision & Lane Departure Warning System is a cutting-edge technology with artificial vision. It incorporates a high resolution camera that keeps an ever-watchful “eye” on the road. This system “sees” and analyzes potentially dangerous scenarios in real time, and alerts drivers to impending dangers giving them more time to react.

Products are vehicles specific, call us for a personalized quotation.

Systems starting at $959 including installation.

Product_Advent LDWS100 1

Windshield mount camera based system with DVR


The LDWS100 is the latest technology utilizing Optical Recognition of the road ahead of you offering another level of safety when driving. The LDWS100 recognizes traffic lane markings as well as vehicles in front of you and warns a driver with an audible tone when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on in that direction) on freeways and arterial roads when traveling at or above 35mph or vehicles that suddenly…

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Product_Mobileye 560

Windshield mount camera based system with headway monitoring, pedestrian and bicycle warning


Mobileye® 560 is a safety solution for collision prevention and mitigation. The system includes a smart camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle. It utilizes Mobileye’s vehicle, lane, traffic signs and pedestrian detection technologies to detect traffic signs, measure the distance to vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians, providing the driver with lifesaving alerts.

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Product_SafeDrive RD-140

Grille mount radar system


This collision prevention system alerts the driver with audio and visual warnings when you are approaching another vehicle too closely. Safe Drive Systems utilizes advanced radar technology to constantly monitor your distance to objects ahead of you, detecting all types of vehicles, including bicycles.

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