Consumer Event Recorder Systems

Event Recorder Systems

Event Recorder is a device the records video during the operation of a vehicle.

Products are vehicles specific, call us for a personalized quotation.

Systems starting at $299 including installation.

Product_Audiovox DVR700

720p Forward Facing DVR; G-Shock Sensing, 8G Card


Positioned on the windshield just behind the rear view mirror, the VOXX DVR is always in stand-by mode ready to record non-stop any event such as an accident or interesting, fun experiences during your travels. Should you have an accident, the new DVR700 HD event recorder is always recording and the built in G sensors automatically lock the currently recorded section from 1 minute before to 3 minutes after the incident that triggered the system.

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Product_Smart Witness SVC1080-16 1

1080p Forward Facing DVR: G-Shock,GPS, 2.4″ display, 16G Card


The SVC1080 is Full HD (1080P) vehicle accident camera that features a 2.4” LCD monitor for live view, playback & setup. In addition to this, the recorder offers many unique features, including;

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