Consumer Camera Systems

Camera Systems for Passenger Vehicles and Light Trucks

Camera Systems include rear-view, side-view, and 360 view to alleviate blind spots around the vehicle.Products are vehicles specific, call us for a personalized quotation.

Systems starting at $429 including installation.


Passenger car/light truck rear view camera package

This package includes a 3.5″ color LCD monitor and mini CMOS rear view camera with flexible mounting options. The camera activates automatically when vehicle is put into reverse gear and has a waterproof and dust proof housing. View more


Passenger car/light truck camera package with rear view mirror.

This package includes a replacement rear view mirror with embedded 4″ color LCD monitor. The 4″ back-lit monitor has selectable alignment overlay lines for distance. This package fits Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota and Honda Vehicles. View more


Pickup truck/SUV tailgate camera in handle

Premium CMOS color  rear view camera mounted in your truck or SUV factory tailgate handle with a 3.5″ LCD monitor. Camera is zinc aloe die cast body with a weather proof housing. View more

chrome cam half

Passenger car/light truck rear view camera + parking alert sensors

The ultimate backup protection. This system includes a color CCD camera, 3.5″ color LCD monitor and four parking alert sensors mounted in a license plate frame. The parking alert sensors display the distance on the color monitor in addition to an audible alert. View more

Product_ADVENT CAM345

Passenger car/light truck Domestic OE style rear view camera system (no display)

Premium CMOS color rear observation camera with partial license plate frame. The CAM310B is a premium CMOS color rear observation camera with patrial license plate frame. The 0.2 LUX ball camera (resolution 640×480) is completely adjustable on all 3-axis and offers a 160 degree wide angle lens. It mounts to any vehicle with a license plate including vehicles with off center licenses plates (i.e. Jeeps and vans) View more


Passenger car/Light truck Multi-view/Hi-res rear view camera system (no display)

Advanced multi angle viewing camera. The CAM430MV Multi-view Backup Camera comes with more cutting-edge capabilities at a lower price than other offerings in the market. It features a selectable down, behind, wide, and split corner view. The camera also offers a digital 190-degree view and digital image correction which translates into a crisp, clear and straight picture at all angles. View more