Consumer Solutions

Consumer Solutions

Premiere Services seeks to help protect streets and neighborhoods throughout the United States under the umbrella of Operation Safe Road™. To meet this goal, Premiere Services offers customer service and installation for safety, entertainment and navigation systems for all passenger cars and light trucks (including pickups, vans, minivans and SUVs).

Million auto accidents annually
Death in every 13 minutes
Children are backed over every week
Billion annual cost

Keep them safe!

Did you know back-overs are the #1 killer of children under 15 years old?

Tragically in over 70% of back-overs, a parent or close relative is behind the wheel. Join us and let’s improve road safety one vehicle at a time


Why risk it?

Did you know? Blind zone ranges between 12 and 31 feet?

The lack of visibility or blind zone behind a vehicle makes it difficult or impossible for the driver to see children behind the vehicle. 60% of back-overs involve SUV’s, minivans or trucks.

What we offer

Trained in the US military and employed under our “We Hire Heroes” initiative, Premiere Services’ team of technicians can tailor the latest in safety equipment and entertainment systems to fit the needs of any vehicle.

The Premiere Services customer service team is available for queries regarding vehicle specific product offerings. We can assist in directing you to the right, reasonably priced and appropriate systems for your individual needs.

Help protect the streets from everyday vehicular mishaps, make your family more secure, or just beef up your entertainment system with the affordability and convenience of Premiere Services. Contact us today to see how we can make your car or truck part of Operation Safe Road™.

Premiere Services: Improving road safety one vehicle at a time.